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A great lady. A wonderful performer. A stalward humanitarian, the power behind her husband's throne, a patron of the arts and proud Connecticut Yankee in spirit if not by birth. It was my honor to tell you good natured jokes at Westport's playhouse. Who's very existence is because of her. Thank you.

Joanne Woodward is a major acting talent. Her film performances rang true, rarely a false note. A fine lady , devoted wife and mother A sad conclusion to a life well journeyed and her children I can only hope will kindly look after her to the end .

I always thought Paul and Joann's daughters were above fighting over money. Paul's prior daughters have nothing to do with her money and neither do the rest of her family. Only her children should get it. I am sure Joanne wisely made a will when Paul was ill. If her daughters fight it the only people who will get it are the lawyers. They will drag it out until there is nothing left.

Why is it that families fight over their parents estates. Shouldnt the Newman children be happy with ONLY $5 million each? Their father is rolling over in his grave with their bickering. Shame on them. Too bad you're not homeless and hungry!!!

I don't believe it was "billions" as far as his net worth! Therefore, I find it hard to believe he only gave each of his 5 daughters, 5M each either! Like others have said, I'm sure JoAnne has taken care of them all prior to her illness!
I wish everyone the best, as you can't take it with ya, I pray for everyone involved! RIP Paul, your wife will see you soon!

All of the children are greedy as far as I am concerned! They were handed 5 million dollars a piece and instead of appreciating it, they are worried if they are going to get more.

Why would you possibly need more than 5 million dollars
Are you serious? How disgusting. These people should be ashamed. You have what you have simply because your parents were attractive, successful actors. You should have consider yourselves beyond lucky. How disappointing.

My sentiments exactly, Sandra B. Love the way you expressed it. There are families who do not have enough food on their tables, nor a roof over their heads, and these two sisters are fighting over their $5 million inheritance. Please. "I'm just saying..."

I'm sure your father is watching the both of you with such a huge amount of disappointment.

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